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Supplement to In italiano. Il corso

Gaia Chiuchiù, Angelo Chiuchiù Hoepli

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This Supplement to In Italiano. Il corso (book 1), aims at providing a step-by-step guideline and study help to learners who are familiar with English grammar – either as native speakers of the language or as intermediate-to-advanced users. It can be helpful only if used with the main book as it constantly refers you to the relevant chapters and pages.
Besides providing the translation of the grammar explanations found in the texts, the Companion gives further explanations about those points where the two languages differ – methodologists call this a ‘contrastive approach’. Italian is a language where subject pronouns can be (and usually are) dropped, without the neuter gender, and quite a number of other major differences from English. As most of these points are not self-evident and not self-explanatory at all, they are developed here when they first come up in the book.
Another section for which translations and explanations are provided in each chapter is the one on Communicative functions. More than anywhere else, differences in usage are found in sentences used in everyday communication. For example, Italian shares with other neo-Latin languages (notably, French and Spanish) a variety of pronouns and forms of address that English merges into the pronoun you. Being polite, friendly, etc. means different things in different languages and cultures. The best course of action avoids stereotypes and generalisations (“Italians are... Britons are... Americans are...”) and closely looks at how things really are.
A special feature, only found in the Companion, are the sections on Pronouncing Italian – always with a contrastive approach to the English phonological system. The variety of English considered is Southern British but we are confident that all users can profit from it. These sections include exercises that are not found in the main book.

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